Welcome to Eddy Rafting

Who wants to attend this fun adventure should be able to swim, not younger than five years old and shouldn't be afraid of getting wet. The Eddy Rafting Center in Ainet near Lienz offers guests the opportunity to participate in such a fun and exciting water experience. The guide will explain everything you need to know about action and safety. First-class white-water fun with water fights and swimming for beginners and adventure seekers. Different levels of difficulty can be booked. All participants will be equipped with safety jackets, neoprene wet suits, paddles, neoprene shoes and helmets. The tours are guided only by qualified and experienced guides. You only need to bring: swim clothes, towel

"...the best whitewater by far"

Austrian Rivers are famous. Our river ISEL is known as TOP 3 rivers in Europe. The river itself is technically not challenging and offers a variety of fun parts. Generated by the Venediger Glacier the water has drinking quality. We have been providing tours since 1987 on the Isel which is one of the best things to do when you are on your alpine vacation or drive thru in Austria. It is located only 3 hours from cities as Innsbruck, Salzburg or Venice. It is the boiling pot of the alps, near the highest mountain of Austria, the Grossglockner. A MUST have seen sight if you are here in our beautiful region!

How is works

  • Meeting Point & Equipment

    After you arrive and complete your Check-In, you will be equipped with a 4mm neoprene suit, neoprene jacket, neoprene shoes, life jacket, helmet and paddle.

  • Transportation & Guide

    You will be shuttled to the start point with our Shuttles. Each raft boat includes a certified Guide.

  • Safety Training

    A 10-20 minute safety talk & training is obligatory for every customer before going on a trip with us. Our safety guide will explain all parameters of the raft tour.

  • Experienced Multimedia Service

    Get ready, get set, go! The Raft boat hits the first waves. While you enjoy the tour, our Photographer shoots pictures from the side of the river. Parallel you will be filmed from our OnBoard-Camera from the front of our boat. This exclusive material can be viewed and bought at our camp after every tour.

Rafting Tours

Sport - The Classic (10km, Kalserbach to Ainet)

The sports tour for beginners and children from 5 years if they can swim. The perfect experience for all. You will enjoy this ride in brisk flow and high waves. White water swimming on a quieter section of the river increases the fun. Whitewater with surprises and highlights. Duration: approx. 2 hours, Length: 10 km whitewater, level 3 with moderate waves and river swim.

ROCK'N'ROLL - The Original (13km, Huben bis Ainet)

Enjoy a moving and bulky whitewater tour as you ride down the "Waschrumpel", also known as "Rock and Roll". This ride on the most popular section of our river offers non-stop fun. Varied rafting trip with swimming break. Duration: approx. 2,5 hours, Length: 13 km whitewater, level 3+ with high waves and river swim.

RODEO (15km, Feld to Ainet)

Here you will experience the - controlled - Chaos! This tour we offer those fans seeking the highest grade possible in this river. Continuous rapids, speed waves and steps ensure that this whitewater experience will not be forgotten quickly. ONLY WITH previous experience at the Rock'n'Roll Tour you are ready for this prime  time exam. Duration: approx. 3 hours, Length: 10 km whitewater, level 4 with superior waves and river action.